Stayed on track in Christmas spending (in cash)

Still putting money aside for Christmas, but not planning on buying anything other than presents this year. No new decorations for the house, no cards, no extras. Well, we do cut our own Christmas tree, but I can’t convince DH and kids to get an artificial tree.
Kids did Christmas shopping for each other this year. Oldest is 16, so she drove everyone to the mall. Next year I’ll learn how to give them better instructions on budget, but overall they did great!
It’s kind of weird to not have to buy those gifts, though. My DH likes to buy his own gifts for the family, so realistically I only have to buy one gift per family member. It’s strange.

Yes, kind of

I got current on bills….someday that will mean more than it does today, but as Karen said, I’m grateful for the ability to PAY bills.

I went and looked at a lease through Uber. My company reimburses me $73 a day for mileage to drive to my current location, so I was toying with the idea of getting a short term lease through Uber. After weighing all the options, I think I’ve decided not to. I might regret it later (the vehicle I’m driving to/from work has 310,000 miles on it) but for now, I think I will put the money toward getting us back on track or at least, putting that money aside for when the bough breaks.