Our taxes

I did our taxes last night. I was just going to install the software and get the updates. (Yeah right!?!?) That’s what I told my hubby so of course he laughed when I told him that it only took me 45 minutes. He picked on me since I should have gone to bed but I like doing the taxes. I really am the nerd. I’m happy to report a small refund instead of a very large one. I adjusted our withholding in order to not receive a large one and opting to get bigger paychecks. I may be a nerd but I don’t like paying more than I have to and I don’t want them borrowing my money for free so it looks like the changes worked out. Thanks for the suggestion. I think it was Stan or Jeff.
Now we just have to wait for the IRS to accept it. We filed edcuation tax credits and I have heard that the website isn’t ready to accept those yet, so we are just waiting to hit the send button here to get a few hundred dollars.

I balance the checkbook

every 1st and 15th and pay bills then. Also I balance it every day we spend something which is rare these days. But I do check in on the account every 3 days or so just to see how much is there.
All the bills are opened.All the rest of them that deal with budgeting I have done through May.We do have one credit card but it’s a govt one for hubby that we can not use so that doesn’t count. Instead of envies we have sinking funds in the bank, works better for us . Yup got the BEF at 1K and all the little sinking funds are coming along nicely.Taxes are started, hubby is waiting for another paper or 2 before we can finish it off. We thought we would even out or pay in but it looks like we might get a tiny bit back.