Another good place to check for cars

and furniture is Assisted living centers for Seniors and active Senior living apartments. I know from personal experience that there are always a lot of both being sold by residents, or heirs of people who live in these facilities. When my dmil got to where she could no longer safely drive we sold her car it was low mileage and in good physical shape. It was an older tank so the blue book on it was low and we sold it below blue book to keep the roads safe for the rest of us.When my Granny moved into her active seniors complex she did not want to drive in town so we sold her car, again low mileage older car in good condition. When she moved into a nursing home and we knew she would not be coming out we sold her furniture. In both instances the managers of both places told me this was a very common occurrence. Jan who said it helped us out with their bills, while helping folks who needed a cheap car out as well in OK