We started

the year owing the little snake BOA( we have a much bigger BOA account too) $2,920 and currently have it down to $2,146 with a snowball payment due to be paid on it this Thursday of $275 which will put it below the $2,000 mark. Considering this bill started out at $10,000 and a MUCH higher interest rate the day my dh lost his job in 2009 I think we’ve actually been doing killer on it, but I am so anxious to see it gone! The sooner it is gone the faster we can start on Best Buy and they are the bill I have that I hate the most right now. They are charging us 9% interest on our debt payoff plan and that is just burning my math nerd backside to see nearly 1/3 of what we are paying monthly going to stupid tax. My goal is to get BOA paid off by April 1, 2013 so we can start on Best Buy in April. Now to just come up with that $2,000