Another thing I am really liking

By staying home all weekend we also saved a bit on the fuel budget. I did do the one merchandising shop last week on my errand day and drove less than 10 miles to accomplish all I needed to do. This week I have another merchandising shop scheduled to do at Wal-Mart so I’ll do that on the day I need to do my Wally World shopping so as to not spend any extra fuel with that job. Basically any more I only do 1-2 shops a week that will coincide with an errand I need to do. So it will basically pay for my fuel to do the errand.I also worked some more on my garden planning for this year, but that project is going very slow in deed. Which is not good since it is about time to start planting the cooler weather crops and the geese are still in the garden. But the guys can only do so much construction in a single weekend and the actual goose pen needs a LOT of work. I guess that work will need to be scheduled after the pantry remodel is completed and before the basement organization. LOL!