I balance my Quicken everyday

My bills come by email,but I look at them when it comes in and put the amount into Quicken. We don’t really do a budget. we just save X dollars, we are paid every friday, the paychecks are a recurring item in quicken. we know exactly how much money we get per month. we use a credit card, but I try not to as much as my wife. it is rarely more than $2,000, which is a small amount of our takehome pay. Our emergency fund is about 2 years of expenses with a car fund on top of that. all insurance is paid.

Our taxes

I did our taxes last night. I was just going to install the software and get the updates. (Yeah right!?!?) That’s what I told my hubby so of course he laughed when I told him that it only took me 45 minutes. He picked on me since I should have gone to bed but I like doing the taxes. I really am the nerd. I’m happy to report a small refund instead of a very large one. I adjusted our withholding in order to not receive a large one and opting to get bigger paychecks. I may be a nerd but I don’t like paying more than I have to and I don’t want them borrowing my money for free so it looks like the changes worked out. Thanks for the suggestion. I think it was Stan or Jeff.
Now we just have to wait for the IRS to accept it. We filed edcuation tax credits and I have heard that the website isn’t ready to accept those yet, so we are just waiting to hit the send button here to get a few hundred dollars.

I balance the checkbook

every 1st and 15th and pay bills then. Also I balance it every day we spend something which is rare these days. But I do check in on the account every 3 days or so just to see how much is there.
All the bills are opened.All the rest of them that deal with budgeting I have done through May.We do have one credit card but it’s a govt one for hubby that we can not use so that doesn’t count. Instead of envies we have sinking funds in the bank, works better for us . Yup got the BEF at 1K and all the little sinking funds are coming along nicely.Taxes are started, hubby is waiting for another paper or 2 before we can finish it off. We thought we would even out or pay in but it looks like we might get a tiny bit back.

After having gone through the “blow off the IRS and maybe they’ll go away” routine

After having gone through the “blow off the IRS and maybe they’ll go away” routine, we’re busting at the gate to get our taxes done this year as early as humanly possible. I have already expended so much extra time, effort and MONEY on getting current with the IRS, that’s the first bill I want to pay right now. Just submitted my first installment amount for our 2010/2011 taxes through the online payment portal, and we’ve got all our 2012 stuff put together and ready to go as soon as we can get the appt to see the accountant. NEVER AGAIN will we be late. Hurt too much the first time around.

I have a question

My husband and I just bought a new(er) house. We still have the one we lived in before and will probably rent until we can get it ready to sell eventually. Would it be better once we sell it to put that money into the new house principal or to invest it? We don’t have much retirement and are 46 & 49.

Thank you!

When the house sells

apply any proceeds from that sale to whatever baby step you are on, starting with a baby emergency fund ($1000), then any consumer debt you have—credit cards, personal loans, Sallie Mae or other school loans, etc.

If you still have some left after paying off commercial debt, then you can build up your FFEF (fully funded emergency fund) + if you need to borrow money online go to borrowlab.com. If there is still some left, put it toward retirement.

Stayed on track in Christmas spending (in cash)

Still putting money aside for Christmas, but not planning on buying anything other than presents this year. No new decorations for the house, no cards, no extras. Well, we do cut our own Christmas tree, but I can’t convince DH and kids to get an artificial tree.
Kids did Christmas shopping for each other this year. Oldest is 16, so she drove everyone to the mall. Next year I’ll learn how to give them better instructions on budget, but overall they did great!
It’s kind of weird to not have to buy those gifts, though. My DH likes to buy his own gifts for the family, so realistically I only have to buy one gift per family member. It’s strange.

Yes, kind of

I got current on bills….someday that will mean more than it does today, but as Karen said, I’m grateful for the ability to PAY bills.

I went and looked at a lease through Uber. My company reimburses me $73 a day for mileage to drive to my current location, so I was toying with the idea of getting a short term lease through Uber. After weighing all the options, I think I’ve decided not to. I might regret it later (the vehicle I’m driving to/from work has 310,000 miles on it) but for now, I think I will put the money toward getting us back on track or at least, putting that money aside for when the bough breaks.


My wife’s mother, who has never made more than $30K a year, is closing in on $500K at Vangaurd. Her house is worth about $100K. She is still working, but probably not much longer. She will be able to move near us and even a $1,000 a month apartment or $1,500 a month for assisted living, she will be just fine.

The number of vehicles/drivers

age of drivers accident tickets history, speeding tickets, and of course in today’s financial world … credit history. It all makes a difference.

Dh’s grandfather, now deceased, when in his 70’s …. he had NEVER had an accident. His rates got jacked. due to his time was coming to have an accident. Yes, he was considered overdue to have an accident.

Is that not only a matter of the # of vehicles, but also the age of the driver(s)?

I seem to recall you have a few teenagers in the house? That might be the difference. Young driver insurance can be 5x the cost (or more) of drivers who are older than 25. Frankly I’m not sure how young adults can afford to drive.
In any case, I hope you find a more affordable insurance option! I wonder if there are groups you’re affiliated with already, who would offer cheaper insurance. Church groups, AARP, sometimes credit unions, AAA, professional associations, stuff like that. If you’re a member of any such groups, you might want to check with them to see if they offer anything along those lines. Just tossing out some ideas..


We should be completely caught up by next Friday after 3 months of unemployment. I paid off some doctor and hospital bills completely (about $3k worth). I need to start researching car insurance again. Our car insurance went up to $786 a month…that is just ridiculous.