I love it!

Saturday the guys finished up building the easel for ds’ work station in the office and it works great.Sunday while ds worked on his taxes dh designed my can rotators and tiered shelving for the pantry remodel I’m wanting while I started emptying the pantry—a bigger job than it sounds (blog post soon on this endeavor). He pretty well has it all designed out and will use my $60 seeded-seedless grapes Lowe’s refund gift card to purchase what few materials he will need to make it. I’m very excited about this pantry remodel and hope it all works out to what I want it to be.I learned some more of the ends and outs of Grocery Tracker and am liking this ap more and more. This too will appear as a blog post in the not so far off future.
Another thing I am really liking is the continued work on the decluttering process of the house. We all work on it for at least some part of every day and things are really starting to get organized around here.