I took the comments from last week about budgeting

and sorta ran with it. Not only have I started to build weekly budgets for the rest of February (and already seeing the benefits of doing so), I’ve also built a table of assorted financial planning tasks to be done throughout the year. They can be weekly tasks, such as paying that week’s bills, monthly tasks like working out the next budget or reviewing our spending, or quarterly/yearly tasks such as getting all our tax reporting done. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I’m going to schedule time to work on financial stuff at least a little every day. For a long time, I would dread having to work on financial stuff, because it seemed such an intrusion into my schedule and whatever else I had to work on at any given time. So the tasks would pile up and then of course by the time I made time for it, there was too much to do at any given time. But by proactively spending at least some time on it every workday, I can take care of small tasks before they turn into big tasks. And I can pay bills and do reporting before due dates, so we don’t run into late fees anymore.
Feels good to turn this group of tasks into a regular, frequent, small-bites-at-a-time sort of thing, instead of one big looming monster waiting for me every month.