This week I fed her a bit due to one of my little royalty checks

coming in slightly higher than expected. Most of the check went into the bef to help replenish it, but I couldn’t resist putting some on the pet gazelle of the moment because according to the snowball spreadsheet I only needed to add $25 to drop another month off the sheet for this particular bill. I love seeing that paid pop up on that thing! Just wish we were all finished.
I also was able to put an extra bit on because for the third week end in a row we did not eat out. We’ve agreed, as you know, that each time we don’t eat out we put that money toward BOA immediately. Since weekends generally would find us eating roughly $20 worth of fast food for each time we ate out I put $20 on the BOA every Monday that we don’t eat out all weekend, it’s not much, but hey every little bit helps on this interest charging account. That makes $60 of just money not used for dining out so far this month that has been paid on the account.