We got two estimates for people coming out

One was $70 and the other $90. We talked with our landlord to see if they would rather have their maintenace guy call someone. He called the guy he would call instead of us just finding someone.
Well $45 later, the refrigerator is okay. Aparently our quick action to pull it out from the wall and vaccuming it out saved it from having a circuit breaker filp. The safety came on and that’s what caused it to warm up. The refrigerator was trying to keep itsself from over-heating.I’ll admit I tried to clean the coils two years ago, but I’m use to seeing them on the backside of the frig not covered up. They were underneath unbeknown to me and it wouldn’t have mattered anyway since I can’t tilt the refrigerator on my own to clean it and DH was in Iraq when I first thought about it.
You can guaruntee that won’t happen again. The repair guy helped my DH tilt it so we could finish cleaning it. He did inspect the copper tubing and found that the corrosition was just on the outside due to condensation and that the tubing is inact and should work for several more years. Yay!. That refrigerator is only about 13 years.
Murphy avoided! 🙂 Thankgoodness and at half the cost of some other guy coming out.